According to the latest decision taken by the government, now the Aadhaar Card has made it necessary to open a new bank account. At the same time, the base card will be inevitable even for more than Rs 50,000 in debt. It is noteworthy that the government has also mandated the Aadhaar Card to file an income tax return this year. As well as old bank account holders, their support will be deposited before December 31. If not doing so, your account will not be valid.
Adhar Pan Link

Link Adhar With Bank Acc.

But the big question is how can they finally get linked to bank account support. We will tell you through our knowledge. You can link your support number with bank account in two ways;
1. Offline way
2. Online way
Offline Mode:
In order to link the bank account with a support number in offline mode, you have to go to your bank branch. By going to the bank branch you will have to give your own base to the bank bank employee. A bank employee will only link your support to the account.
Online way
The online way of linking the Aadhaar number to the bank account is very simple, you can do it even at home. Learn what you have to do.
- You can log on to your bank's internet banking.
- After login you will see the option of updated base card. Generally, this website is fixed upwards. As well as some banks also write base card seedings in this way.
Please click on any of the two options your bank is offering to you and file your support number. Click the Submit button, your support number will be submitted.
- After the support number is linked, a message will be sent to your registered mobile number or e-mail.
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