Good News ! Jio is ready to make Tehelka again, brought back the banged offer

Good News ! Jio is ready to make Tehelka again, brought back the banged offer
The Reliance company's well-known Project Geo Network has been ruling the hearts of internet users for the past 1 year. Due to the introduction of the free internet service for 6 months of the beginning, the hands of other internet companies have begun to flow, but after 6 months, Jiao stopped the free service. But still, its plans were getting cheaper by the rest of the companies, because its customers were growing steadily.
After this success of Ziao, the other companies started offering more than one offer to their customers. So Ziao again started churning up to woo its customers and add new customers, and now he has come back into the market again with a very special offer.
Let us tell you that now Xiao has launched a new project in which he will initially launch Jio broadband in cities like Delhi and Mumbai. As per the known information so far, Xiao is planning to keep its customers free for the first 3 months and the company can increase it later.
Customers will get 100GB of data every month from 100Mbps speed for 3 months, meaning that 300GB of data will be available in 3 months, but customers will have to deposit 4500 rupees as security to the network provider. Security money will be refunded at the time the customer changes the network

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