GOOD NEWS: Housing allowance for central workers increased by Rs. 33,000

GOOD NEWS: Housing allowance for central workers increased by Rs. 33,000
Due to reshuffle of accommodation allowance, 48 lakh central workers will get more than Rs.1100 to Rs.33000 per month. On Wednesday, the central cabinet approved the revised allowances in view of the recommendation of the seventh pay scale, on Wednesday. Keep in mind that the increase in housing allowances will only benefit the people who live in private residence, that is, they have not taken the convenience of government housing.
Like this, the changes in the rate of accommodation allowance will also be based on the rates of dearness allowance this time as before. But the decisions of the last time could not be implemented later and the rate of accommodation allowance remained the same. One more thing, initially, the new rate of housing allowance is less than the current rate, but the basic pay per cent of the allowance will be calculated, so people will get more money. The new rate of accommodation allowance will be applicable from 1st July.
According to the cabinet decision, on the form of the new arrangement of accommodation allowance: - Before a discussion on how much money will be given to the employee,
(All figures in percent)
Keep in mind that in the current system, housing allowance is provided for 30, 20 and 10 per cent for three class cities. You can take cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, X Catagories, or cities with more than 50 lakh population, whereas cities like Y category, which are 5-5 million people, will include cities like Patna, Lucknow, Bhopal and Jaipur. The rest of the city and settlement will come in the Z category.
Now know what will be the new and old rate of housing allowance at different levels in different cities:
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