Forgot the pattern lock? Unlock Your Smartphone Can

Forgot the pattern lock? Unlock Your Smartphone Can
Here we are telling you a trick that will allow you to unlock your phone even if you forget the pattern lock. For this, it is important that your phone be an Android device manager, even before the phone is locked. Let us know that this feature automatically activates when you setup your Android handset through your Gmail account. By the way, you can activate it by going to Security Options within Google Settings on your mobile.
Step 1
Visit the webpage in the computer or any mobile phone's internet browser.
Step 2
Login with Gmail ID. Enter the same ID here that is logged in the phone. The new page will be there, with the location of the phone, as well as the option of Play Sound, Lock and ERASE.
Step 3
Now Tap on Lock. Enter a temporal password in the opened window. Recovery message and phone number is optional.
Step 4
If you have these processes successful then a message will appear in the box below the Play Sound, Lock and ERASE option.
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