Big Freedom Cell has started on Flipkart today. This cell is getting discounts up to about Rs 18,000 on a smartphone. Apart from this, exchange offers up to Rs 15,600 are also available. If you are shopping with HDFC Bank's credit and debit cards, then you get 10% discount on them. So what kind of phone is available in this cell?
lipkart has announced the Big Freedom Sale to commemorate the occasion of India's 70th Independence Day. The three day sales event will see discounts and deals on phones, and other electronic appliances. These start from August 9 and will last till August 11 midnight.
Flipkart is offering a series of deals and discounts to mark during the sale. The company will offer up to 71 per cent discounts on the   range of products selling on the website.  Further there is a 10 per cent flat discount for those shopping with HDFC Bank's credit or debit card.
Here is a sneak peak at the other deals that the company will offer.
Moto G5 Plus at Rs 14,999: The company is giving a price cut on Moto G5 Plus lowering its price from Rs 16,999 to Rs 14,999. The phone was launched in March this year and competes against the likes of Redmi Note 4 and several Moto phones.
Lenovo K6 Power at Rs 8,999: The K6 Power will sell at Rs 8,999 instead of Rs 9,999 during the sale. The phone was launched at the start of this year at Rs 10,999. There are two variants of the phone- 3GB and 4GB RAM.  The K6 Power was first unveiled at IFA 2016
Google Pixel XL: The Google Pixel XL can be purchased from Flipkart Big Freedom Sale at Rs 48,999. Flipkart is giving a price cut of up to Rs 18,000 on the phone.
Moto M: Motorola's metal built phone Moto M will sell at Rs 12,999 on Flipkart during the sale. The phone was launched last year in India t Rs 15,999. The smartphone will see a price cut of up to Rs 3000.
Apple iPhone 6 price cut: The phone is listed at Rs 29,500 on Flipkart and will see some price cut during the sale.
Flipkart is further giving discounts on smart TVs from brands like VU, Micromax, Sony and Onida. The company has also teased discounts on other appliances like refrigerators, ACs, Oven, Water purifier, mixer grinders, washing machines, and laptops.
Apple's iPhone 7 32 GB models can be bought at Rs 42,999 in the cell phone, with a discount of Rs 13,012.
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Also, exchange offer of Rs 15,000 is also available. Lenovo Vibe K5 is getting a discount of 2, 500 rupees on the 3GB RAM model. So this phone can now be bought at 9,499 rupees. With this, now a 9,000 exchange offer can also be obtained.
Google Pixel XL and Pixel are offered a discount of 18,001 rupees. Pixel XL can now be purchased at Rs 48,999. Google Pixel can be bought at 43,000 rupees. Lanevo K6 power is given a discount of Rs 1,000. Its 4GB RAM 32GB internal memory model can be purchased at Rs 9,999. It is being offered an exchange offer of Rs 9,000. Apple's iPhone 6S is being offered a discount of Rs 10,901. This phone can now be purchased at Rs. 35,99 for the 32GB model of 6S. It is being offered an exchange offer up to Rs 15, 600.
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