entering this code into the mobile, find any number

entering this code into the mobile, find any number
Nowadays all users use Dual SIM smartphones. There is a primary SIM from it and the second secondary. Many users have a habit of changing numbers and changing their SIMs repeatedly. However, this is done only with secondary SIM. Whenever telecom companies launch new offers, users buy new SIMs to take advantage of them. At the same time, after the end of the offer the SIM changes. Many such users have done this with Reliance Jio. Now it is not necessary that you remember your every number. It is difficult to remember all the numbers due to repeated numbers. In such a situation, the problem arises when you have to recharge your number and you can not remember the number. This kind of situation should come with many users.
That is why we are going to tell you a way through which you will not need to remember your number. You can see your number on the phone through the USSD codes given below. This trick is for prepaid users only.
These USSD codes will show your mobile number:
Here are the USSD codes for almost every company from Airtel to Uninor. You can find out your mobile number by
Airtel-121 * 9 #
Uninor- * 222 * 2 #
Idea- * 1 #
Reliance (Rcom) - * 1 #
Vodafone - * 111 * 2 #
BSNL * * 222 #
Aircel- * 1 #
Reliance Geo - My Geo App
Note: After dialing USSD codes, if you have any other message on your phone before then it is OK. Wait a few seconds after this. Now another popup will appear to you. Here you will find your mobile number

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