Anyone on WhatsApp can do TRACK

Anyone on WhatsApp can do TRACK
Here we are going to show you a trick with which you can track anyone on whatsapp. You can see its last scene even when it is hyped along with information about when it is online and offline. For that you have to load an App Down that is whatsappAgent.
This is a free app that can be loaded down from the Play Store. It's very easy to use. You can track 2 people together at the same time. By installing the app, you will have to enter the mobile number of the track you want to track, then you will find an update from its online-offline to the latest scene. You will get a notification on the phone that it is coming online when you are tracking the online. You can also see his last scene with it.
- You will be asked for some permissions by downloading the app. Allow it
- Then enter the number of whomever you want to track on WHATSAPP and tap follow. Here you can add 2 numbers.
- Then when the two people whose number you entered will come online like this, notification will come to your phone. You can also see his last scene.
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