Airtel is getting 5GB data every day in this plan

Airtel is getting 5GB data every day in this plan
If you are also among those whose work is not being run everyday in 1GB data then you have great news, because Airtel has introduced a special plan for users like you, under which you will get 5 GB 4G data per day. Apart from this, unlimited calling on any network in this plan will also be available.
What is this special plan of Airtel?
First of all, let us tell you that for 28 days under this plan you will get 5 GB 4G data, however for this you should have a 4G handset. Along with all unlimited calls will be available on the network.
3G users will get 9 just 9 GB of data and unlimited callings. The price of this plan is Rs 1,198. Explain that this plan can vary for different mobile number, so check your plan by dialing My Geo app or * 121 * 1 # before recharging.
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