Adharcard Correction Done with Your Self from Home

Adharcard Correction Done with Your Self from Home
Given the increasing importance of Aadhaar now, any mispelling, errors in your Aadhaar are likely to lead to problems for you. Linking Aadhaar and PAN, which is effectively mandatory for most now, requires that all your demographic details on both match. Any mismatch in your name, gender, date of birth on both documents means that you may be unable to link the two. You may need to update your Aadhaar for other reasons as well e.g it becoming inactive. 
If you haven't used your Aadhaar in any transaction, like linking it to bank account or PAN, for three years continuously , it can become inactive, as per the UIDAI helpline and officials at an Aadhaar enrolment centre. If your Aadhaar becomes inactive you would have to update it. 
If you're looking to update your Aadhaar, here's how to do it. 
As per UIDAI website, there are three ways to update or correct your Aadhaar card details:
1. Update your details online
2. Request update by post
3. Visit the nearby enrolment centre 
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